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Stop The Workplace Bullying

We hear about bullying in schools but rarely do we suggest or even talk about bullying in the workplace. Bullying in the workplace costs money. The Orlando Business Journal writes that it “costs $180 million in lost time and productivity.” Stop the Workplace Bullying opens the lines of communication concerning workplace violence and negative rude behavior. We share the realities of how harassment and badgering can paralyze a workplace creating an atmosphere of fear and a feeling of powerlessness.

“I only wish others would have spoken up on any of the numerous times I was publicly humiliated by my bully.”

Bullying in the workplace can cause stress related illness, high turnover, absenteeism and poor customer service. Stop the Work Place Bullying discusses valuable techniques and strategies to help identify a bully/victim situation and shares positive intervention skill that can strengthen and support the victim and defuse the power of the bully.

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King Jr.

Richard mixes his humorous presenting style with group-energizing activities that are cleverly designed to get attendees talking and sharing ideas that when implemented may help end rude behavior and bring about a healthier, happier workplace environment. This will increase productivity, teamwork and most importantly improve customer service.

Richard has a passion for this topic and he continues to research workplace bullying and anti-violence issues. Many social workers and psychologists as well as association chairs and company leaders have commended his facilitation skills and the informative, valuable information shared in this program. They write in their evaluations that the information shared during the Stop the Workplace Bullying session is right on target with their organizations harassment/bully proofing programs.

“He kept everyone involved so we could use one another as resources in addition to the tips and suggestions he shared during his session.” Linda Pearl, MEMSA, Room Chair

Attendees will discuss and learn:

• Why bullying hurts workplace moral and customer service
• The fine line between having fun and bullying
• What organizations and staff can do to prevent and stop workplace bullies
• How to create and implement an effective No Bully Team

Bully-Proofing Skills and Strategies

“Let the bully know that their behavior is out of line and will not be tolerated.”

Richard will facilitate and guide attendees to work together to develop a plan of action that will help identify a bullying situation. Each mini group will share thoughts and suggestions of when and how to intervene with the bully and positive ways support and comfort the victim.

Success Stories

“My current company is like living in Heaven. Management is open at all times to suggestions and credit is given where due.”

Richard will share success stories from organizations and staff who have implemented anti-workplace harassment/ bullying programs. Together he and attendees will discuss why these programs work and how we can improve upon them.

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"Thank you for your “on point” and timely presentations to our Conference. As you know from our review of the evaluations, our conferees learned skills and useful applications for their toolkits as Employee Assistance and Diversity representatives. Certainly you were a highlight and a key to our meeting learning objectives and the Conference’s overall success. Again, thank you for being an invaluable Conference teammate! " Joanna Whitaker, UAW Work/Family-EAP Coordinator; Jim Boles, GM Manager UAW-GM Center for Human Resources

"Richard teaches anti-bullying by example and audience participation." Monica Madrigal, KIPP

"I loved the handouts and exercises” Veronica Palmer, KIPP

"Many great tools and 'tricks' I will use to promote a positive productive, bully free workplace." Malene Lawrence, Pave Academy

“I loved the back-up strategy and his explanation of how everyone needs to get involved to be a strong positive influence.” Ketia Knies, TFA

“I loved the way Richard offered us the three parts of defusing a bully, very interactive and engaging”  Korbin Johnson, KIPP Central City, New Orleans

“I like the way Richard taught us how to handle different situations.” Laura Gonzalez

“All the ideas we shared as a group may not have been shared without Richard’s help.” Brittany Williams, Omni Phila

“I loved the way he broke us up into small group discussions and we were all able to then share the top three ideas with the group." Will Mejia,  KIPP

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