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Eliminate the Bullying

A practical no bullying teacher in-service program

Length: 90-120 minutes
Style of program: Breakout/Workshop

Description: A practical bully prevention program that shares workable strategies and valuable tools from the expertise of Dan Olweus, Bullying at Schools  Bully-Free Schools: Circle of Support, Dee Lindengerger with Strategic Alternatives in Prevention Education, Margaret R. Kohut, Bullies and Bullying,  Barbara Coloros, The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander, Stan Davis, Schools Where Everyone Belongs  Cheryl Dellasega, PHD and Charisse Nixon, PHD. Girl Wars, Judge Tom Jacobs, Teen Cyberbullying Investigated.

Richard’s continuous research helps him to offer up the latest student support information. Presented through easy to understand techniques that help teachers recognize the importance of standing firm and tame aggressive behavior, while teaching  and reinforcing pro-social and positive behavior skills. Attendees will discover the importance of a positive school climate, clear limits and consequences, parent and community partnerships and how to create a safe and supportive academic environment. 

Richard Paul’s Eliminate the Bullying teacher in-service session is an educational, interactive workshop that includes a power point, real life success stories, ventriloquism and valuable strategies to prevent and reduces school bullying, cyber bullying and aggressive student behavior.  Richard mixes his humorous lecturing style with group-energizing activities that are cleverly designed to promote audience interaction, brainstorming. This assists with the creation of a school wide, bully prevention teacher, staff, parent, student support team.

Workshop Goal: To offer up effective school team strategies that help identify bullying and the tools which one can implement to prevent, confront and defuse negative behavior.

"He kept everyone involved so we could use one another as resources in addition to the "
tips and suggestions he shared during his session."

Linda Pearl, MEMSA, Room Chair

Projected Outcome: Attendees learn what bullying is and how it creates an unhealthy environment. They also learn to work together as a team to be proactive when it comes to reporting and implementing the right policies and actions to eliminate this aggressive behavior.

bully prevention expertAs a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Define and distinguish between conflict and bullying
  • Understand the importance of a school-wide Intervention
  • See the importance of setting clear limits and effective consequences
  • Learn how to create positive victim reporting /follow-up policy
  • Gain the knowledge and skills to develop a proactive school wide anti- bullying team

Activities include: Interactive lecture, humorous anecdotes, discussion, small group activities and large group participation.

Handouts: Client will be given master copies of handouts, evaluation and resource materials for them to copy and distribute the day of the event.

Presentation fee depends on location and style of presentation requested.

Also available for additional cost Richard's new Duck Sense Bully Preventions Curriculum, seven lessons for teacher to share in the classroom to promote discussion and positive behavior skills.

As an additional option to this program Richard can set up a district wide webinar or pod cast that would be made available to both teachers and parents.

Note: Remember Richard's also offer anti-bullying and positive behavior support kick off programs.

Watch a sample of this program:


Additional Teacher Resources:

bully prevention bookmarksbullying ben programno bullying curriculum bookBullying Ben book and assembly program: Bulling Ben - Building Good Character reinforces core democratic values, good character, self-esteem, and social/emotional competence. It is a fun interactive assembly program that is based on author Richard Paul's and co-author Timothy Pina's internationally renownedchildren's book "Bullying Ben". A story that shares the little known fact that young Ben Franklin was a target of a bully. In the book and during the assembly the students learn how he worked through it, and why he made the right choices to improve his life and his community.

Duck Sense Bully Prevention Curriculum and Classroom Activities: The Duck Sense Curriculum and Activities Book is a great supplement to other curriculums and programs you may already have established at your school. It has received rave reviews from the principals, teachers, and counseling staffs. It is the type of program that can work within the goals and objective of the school's positive behavior support program. Geared for Grades 1-6. It is 166 pages of valuable bully prevention strategies, discussions, activities, handouts and creative positive behavior awards and certificates.

Bully Prevention Bookmarks: Hand these out to all your students as a reminder not to bully and what to do if you are bullied. These are a great reinforcements to the No Bully Club Curriculum or your school no bully program. Price: 250 for $35.00 .



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