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climb ladder to successNot Just a Job, a Stepping Stone Toward Your Future

If you are an owner of a fast-food franchise, manager dealing with part time employees or a corporate leader looking for a high quality, high energy, motivational training program that will inspire your part time staff to want to be better, than this is the program for you.

This unique program offers up valuable tools and practical information your part time staff can quickly implement to promote outstanding Disney style customer service, open the lines of communication, offer up examples on why what they do is a valuable service to the entire organization and stepping stone toward their future career opportunities.

Richard has had the opportunity to speak to young people in the fast food industry, retail stores and amusement parks who are looking to motivate and ignite a positive workplace environment.

Each of his training sessions are interactive, funny and offer up practical techniques they can easily implement.  Richard shares humorous stories from real part time staff people that are both heart-warming and motivating. He then breaks down the meaning of the story and the step by step valuable lesson they can learn the main message of the story.

Attendees will discuss and learn:

  • How positive relationships with fellow staff, managers or customers can lead to future career opportunities
  • How to create a fun team atmosphere that is welcoming to guests and fellow staff members
  • Simple things each part time staff member can do to provide outstanding, Disney style service
  • The value of a friendly smile
  • Why it is important to give eye contact when speaking to clients and fellow staff members

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"Hi Richard,

Just wanted to follow up on last night’s presentation you made to the Adventure Park staff. What a wonderful night it was. My staff is energized and aspiring at this point. So many Thank you’s and compliments on the presentation. What a contagious positive energy you created. Thank you.

It didn't take long to discover that each employee identified with different parts of your presentation. Some employees were inspired by the story of you getting the mute boy to begin speaking. Some employees were caught up in the story of the dancing janitor while others identified with the powerful imagery of Disney as a whole. All of them were blown away with the costumed finally...which we have on video.

Thank you Rick for a truly impactful evening. "

Thomas J. Knuth, Park Manager
The Adventure Parks at West Bloomfield & Frankenmuth, MI

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