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Lighten Up and Laugh: A humor in the workplace program

A hilarious wellness program that promotes laughter in the workplace.

laughter reduces stressHere is a humor in the workplace program that isn't all just fun and games.  It's a practical workplace stress reduction program that demonstrates the real health benefits of daily laughter. During this sixty minute program Richard explains in laymen terms why laughter is the best medicine,  why it is chocolate for the soul, and how workplace laughter and humor can create a warm, welcoming environment.

During this hilarious interactive program Richard shares how laughter in the workplace can improve productivity and builds a stronger bottom line.  He facilitates  a series of energizing group activities that will bring the audience to their feet laughing and learning how to implement the five simple tips he shares throughout the program.  Attendees will walk away with simples things they can quickly implement to promote a laughter filled, healthier, happier, productive workplace. 

"The program was well received from the group. When I was talking to people that attended they said they enjoyed the activities and the practical information you shared.  It was a great way to kick off 'A Stress Free Me' program."
Mila L. Padgett, Assistant Director
Programs Department of Campus Recreation Oakland University

They will come to understand why a good laugh is not only healthy for the mind but also good exercise for key organs, muscles and arteries. They will learn how laughter builds the immune system and  how it can help prevent heart disease.

Through comical examples, outrageous audience interaction and funny factual information, audience members will discover that the more we laugh the more we relax, the more we relax, the easier it is to work through life challenges and emotional situations.

Humorous keynote speaker Richard Paul will discuss how humor reduces stress and explain how laughter:


Richard Paul’s Lighten-up and Laugh, humor in the workplace program explains that you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian or joke writer to promote laughter in the workplace.

He illustrates his easy workplace humor techniques, a list of simple, creative, funny stress relieving tidbits and activities that bring about laughter in the workplace without bullying or hurting a fellow employees feelings. These simple elements of fun enable employees to communicate, connect, cope with daily challenges and reduce stress.

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Video snippets from our program:

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Sarah Kulhanek, University of Michigan '16, BA Sport Management, Michigan Men's Basketball

Thank YOU so much for coming last night! It seemed like everyone had a great time and I know I definitely learned some valuable tools for keeping laughter in my life.

Penny Shanks. Chamber of Commerce

I'm very pleased to recommend Richard Paul. Easy to work with and very professional, he delivered an excellent presentation to our Women in Business Group on using laughter to reduce stress. I have known Richard for several years and knew that he would give us a great performance. I'm delighted to say he exceeded my expectations! (That's not easy to do!) If you need an excellent speaker, that engages and informs your audience--I highly recommend Richard Paul. We will definitely be having him back!

Teri Robinson, Member Relations, Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce

What a wonderful presentation at our Women in Business yesterday! Laughter is so good. Thank you for sharing with us. Thought I would let you know that I tried the ha ha ha ha, hee, hee, hee, hee, ho, ho, ho, ho this morning and by the time I did it the second time I was laughing because it felt so silly. Sure does release all the tension. It’s a wonderful day in the making!

Jill Pines, Public Information Coordinator City of Farmington Hills

We enjoyed your talk - hopefully we'll all keep working on adding more laughter, both here and at home.

Ms. Kerry Humphrey, Assistant to Dr. Daniel F. Hayes, University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UM CCC)

A note of thanks for your charming presentation at the UM Admin Professionals luncheon yesterday.   I arrived at the event feeling surly due to the inclement weather and the stress of a heavy workload waiting for me back at the office; however, because of your laughter largesse, I left work that day with a grin on my face.  

During your talk I was sitting in the audience next to a woman I had known only vaguely - yet we had a great exchange during the 'ha ha' exercise and I'm sure we'll remember that pleasant connection whenever we pass one another in the hallway.

When you talked about the health benefits of laughter, I remembered the story of how Norman Cousins used the Marx Brothers to help heal himself during a medical crisis. I looked it up on Wikipedia - see the section 'Illness and Recovery' on the bio of Mr. Cousins:

I especially enjoyed your special guests - your auntie and Mr. Peking (aka Peeking) Duck.   Your skill in creating the illusion of animated conversations is fabulous.

Feedback from the University of Michigan Association of Administrative Office Professional:

“I’m very stressed out at work and don’t have time to even go to the bathroom, but it doesn’t take any time at all to laugh. Thanks for the reminder.

Humorous, very funny, relaxing, dedicated, professional, cute outfit, inspirational, enjoyable, enthusiasm, great.

Lively, good thoughts, dynamic, informative, energetic.

The constant interjection of jokes, the truism of his comments and his ice breaker.

His point truly hit home. He had a wonderful topic and lesson.

Laughter the best.

His comfort level in speaking, drawing the audience in and relating to administrative assistance.

Entertaining way to present an important message. Great way to relax while learning at the same time.

Funny and engaging-loved the ventriloquist characters.

Energy level-realization of the importance of laughter in our personal and professional lives.

The motivational speaker (Mr. Paul) was outstanding and very enjoyable.

Positive, energetic, great message.

His enthusiasm and what he had to say is true and very valuable.

Thanks for helping me look at humor as a way of life.

Kept our interest and laughing.

Very funny, made me relax and light up my mood the whole day. When I think of the speech I will remember to laugh.


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